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How does open enventory work?

open enventory works on LAMP/WAMP systems, which are freely available (Webservers other than Apache, like Microsoft Windows Server 2003, can be used, with minor modifications). It is possible to use Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3.5, Opera 10, Apple Safari or Google Chrome on the client computers. This makes open enventory completely platform independent.

open enventory make heavy use of Javascript, JSON and AJAX-like techniques to offer good user interaction and quick navigation. The applet required to enter chemical structures can be switched. Our own JAVA applet is in beta phase, furthermore JME, ACD und Marvin can be used (These 3rd-party applets are not part of open enventory). Using other JAVA applets/ActiveX controls is possible with minor modifications, if the support for Molfiles/Rxnfiles is included.

The caching of search results is done without using the respective MySQL functionality to cache substructure searches.

The PHP/JS-framework developed for open enventory is highly flexible and should be suitable (licenced under the AGPL) for other database projects as well. A detailed documentation is being written.

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