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Which system requirements does open enventory have?

Almost any office computer is suitable as client, using either Internet Explorer 7+ (Windows XP, Vista) or Firefox 3.5 (Windows, Linux, Mac). A screen resolution of 1024x768 pixel is the absolute minimum required, but we would recommend 1280x1024, which is offered by most 19" TFTs for a good working experience. Computers starting from 500 MHz (e.g. tablet PCs) with lower resolution (800x600) are sufficient as barcode terminal.

An Apache web server running PHP5 and a MySQL database acts as server, either Windows- (e.g. on Xampp) or Linux-based. A fast CPU with possibly multiple cores is required for quick substructure searches. See more in the technology section

What are the costs for open enventory?

open enventory is free software, but according to the AGPL, modifications to the source code and extensions must be contributed for public use. Using the registered trademark open enventory or the logo requires prior written permission of the trademark holders.

Do I need to use all the functionality?

No, inventory database and laboratory journal also work independently, but the combination offers additional functionality.

How can I contribute?

We would ask users to help by

I would be interested in a test account

Here you can test a database with a read-only user. Please send an email to for further tests. Herzlich willkommen!

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