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Laboratory Journal

Planning of the experiment
The calculation of molecular weights und stochoimetry together with searching for the required reactants is time-consuming. In open enventory, it is only required to draw the reaction equation into a JAVA applet and enter the desired molarities. The physical and safety data together with the availability of chemicals is automatically looked up in the inventory.

Experimental results
The yield calculation is done automatically based on the theoretical amount of substance and the actual weight.

It is possible to store any number of spectra for an experiment.
The spectroscopic data can directly be transferred and added to the experiment, therefore nothing can get lost.

Other types of spectrum are also accessible directly - together with comment and fraction number
The following formats for spectroscopic data is currently supported:

A separate program to transfer spectra is no longer required
Spectroscopic data can be transferred from:

Literature documents which can be saved together with the reaction help to find reference spectra or understand specific lines of thought.

Experimental series can be planned quickly and clearly arranged
Protocols of past experiments can be used as templates for new ones. In the list of copies, you can directly set the most important parameters like stochiometry, solvent,... for screening experiments.

Search query...
(Marvin is not part of open enventory)

...and result
The protocols of all experiments can be searched by keywords, chemical substructures, yields or reaction conditions. This is a big advantage compared to paper-written laboratory journals, that hide large amounts of information unaccessible. All group members can learn from the experimental documentation in open enventory, even years after a diploma, master or PhD thesis has been completed.

Automatic comparison of reaction series

Moreover, it is possible to share data for project collaboration between workgroups. Data exchange is limited to experiments belonging to a specific project. Find more screenshots together with short films here.

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